Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Vintage Ornament Wreath

have always wanted one if those really cool, over the top elaborate Vintage ornament wreaths. Never have taken the time to collect the necessary elements to create one. But this year, the day after a show at Madam  Palooza in Murrieta, my good friend Rita Reade and I hit Granny's Antiques in Temecula. Rita really started it. She found a booth that had the cutest gold glittered ornaments with small Japan angels on each one. She says to me in her Sicilian accent. " Here, you need these. They are so you!" We happened upon this booth as the sweetest elderly gentleman was unpacking boxes of ornaments to put out for sale. Jackpot.  The time was finally right. I bought several boxes from him. Still not enough, I hit eBay for three more lots and found a few more random boxes from the thrift store. 

Starting with an 18 inch styrofoam wreath, I wrapped it with silver tinsel garland. Problem was, I bought the garland at dollar tree and what crap is was.

Skinny and falls apart...ugh. Now what?

It's 4:30 in the evening and I really want to get this wreath made while I am motivated to do so. My favorite thrift shop closes at 5:00. So Emily and I race to see if they have silver garland. Bingo! Silver and red garland intertwined. 1.50! Yay! Unravel the two colors and it is Just enough to wrap the wreath entirely. Hot glued the garland here and there plus double wired wrapped the wreath with floral wire. 

Saving the red garland for another idea that popped in my head this week.  

Figuring how to start was really hard and have to say I was kind of intimidated at first. The thought of hot glueing some ornaments that are as old as the 1920's seems almost wrong to me, but what the heck! Am after all most know for the dolls I cut up and re-work. Lol.

Knew I would be short ornaments, so pulled some of my own that were about 10 years old to add to the wreath.  Pretty black hand painted ones, I just love. The other painted ones are vintage and from Bavaria.  

This seriously takes some time. I had two hot glue guns going, because each bulb has to be glued and held to the wreath until the glue cools. After the first largest back row, I got my groove and it flowed. 

If fact, got so in the groove that I forgot to take more process pictures...oops.

6 hours & 50 mini glue sticks later, all the while singing Christmas carols with Bing and Dean on Pandora, I finished. 

Here are some close up shots of my faves.

Lastly is the cute little Volkswagon ornament I found...a love bug. My first car was a bug and I so want Santa to bring me another one of these years! 

Here is another shot of the finished wreath hanging above my desk in my studio. I am so so happy with it!

Merry Christmas friends!!!

Oh, it is now 24 inches wide.


  1. I've alwasy wanted one and haven't found the nerve to try. Love yours!

    1. Go for it Molly! It's not hard, just time consuming. Start small. Make sure you create a strong wire hanger that you attache BEFORE you start gluing! Thank you!

  2. This is the best, most beautiful one of a kind wreath I ever seen Principessa! I believe it was so much fun to make too. Ciao

  3. Wow Lisa, that is just beautiful. Great work, the best I've seen.:)

    1. Thank you Gloria! Very sweet to say. I saw some gorgeous ones in google images. I do love mine!

  4. Gracious, how I love. love these ornament wreathes and I SOOOO want to make one. I have two issues; first I love the jingle bell wreath I usually hang on the door very much and secondly I just know I would drop that beautiful wreath and break half the ornaments. (I'm a bit of a klutz!!) For now I'll just drool over yours. . .and pin it to my Holly Jolly Christmas board on Pinterest. ;)

    1. I have to say, it makes me nervous to touch mine, but glueing the ornaments to the base as well as to each other does seem to create a fair amount of stability. Make a small one. They are just as cute! XO

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