Friday, July 8, 2011

Parasol Break!

Yesterday I spent all day with Rita Reade of Mammabellarte creating a long awaited crown for a class we are teaching together.  It was  LONG day and Rita spent several hours finishing it at her Studio today with components we were out of yesterday here in my studio.

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Today, Emily and I decided we had to make this lantern idea that was emailed to me through Etsy yesterday....

It took almost 2 hours and we chose a large 20 inch lantern.

We just love it.  It is whimsical, light and colorful.
All of the things our Home does not lack.
Color and art are everywhere!

I found the Etsy Video to be a little over simplified.
For example.  The vid shows the last step to be trimming the hold where the light goes in.
Actually, trim that after you glue the first row at the top.
I placed my hand on the interior of the lantern and pushed the 
hot glued tip through the paper. I felt this holds it to the lantern better.
I also used a little more hot glue than it calls for, putting some on all of the splines 
at the center underside nib.

The lanterns are available at Pier One and Ikea.  
They are cheaper at Ikea, but are on sale for 20% off at Pier One.
I purchased three 24 packs of 6 inch paper parasols at Party City.
At the end of the project 13 were left over...but you might use less if you choose
a smaller lantern.
For me the project was about $16 since I had the light kit already.

Fun project to do with your daughter this summer.
Put it under a Gazebo in the garden for summer outdoor evenings or hang it in your studio or daughter's room.  Ours is above the dining table...for now!
Would make a darling grouping too with other lanterns.

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Oh yur crown class looks like soooooo much fun! Have a ball. Riki

  2. I LOVE your crown & your latern...they both have just brightened my day!!!!

  3. Hi Lisa and Emily!
    I looove that lantern! So cute! I might have to do that for my bedroom!
    Looking forward to seeing you at the Vintage Marketplace! hugs! karen.....
    Ps....emily is coming right? I will keep my eyes out for fun things for her to sell! :)

  4. The lantern is gorgeous. My jaw dropped when I saw it. Thanks for sharing the video. I plan on making a few and hanging them in my bedroom window.

  5. Oh Lisa~~~i love this!!

    Paige and I will have to make this for her room!!
    So cute :))

    Melting in Rivercity..ugh you too?