Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nature Break in my Backyard

It is a GLORIOUS overcast and cool morning today...decided to take coffee & tablet to back yard and plan my day.  However, was distracted by a hummingbird bathing in the droplets of water on the leaves of one of my rosebushes.

Which led me to grab my camera.
Although, I was unsuccessful at capturing the hummingbird in a photo, I wandered the yard shooting pics of other things.

May you enjoy a slice of my world...

Strawberry in my bicycle basket.

Fairy size flowers from a blooming succulent.

Gorgeous pink trumpet flowers.

Love this iron bicycle.

This Fat little male sparrow and his mate nest in my attic each year.
He is valiantly trying to get her attention all day long until he succeeds and they raise another batch of chicks.  I think they raise at least 4 groups of chicks, one after another until fall.

The moisture on everything intensifies the colors.

Another dreamy succulent in bloom.
Sweet trumpet flowers again.

Water droplets are dreamy to me...

The contrasting colors of the tomatoes got me to take this picture.

After 9 years of living here, this volunteer grape vine that grows and dies each year is yielding it's first cluster of grapes.  Rancho Cucamonga was once nothing but vineyards until they destroyed it all to build houses.  Probably an old vine from way back.

Pretty Petunia...

The graduating color on the Fern is lovely.

Sweet alyssium pops up here and there every year.

Off to the studio...may you all have a lovely Tuesday!



  1. Ooooh La La...I love it and wish I was sitting in your sweet garden! Enjoy!

  2. your yard looks amazing...and YES isnt it wonderful weather today!!!!!

  3. Looks like you had a very peaceful morning, its so amazing how much beauty there is in simplicity. I loved seeing all the colors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my post, we truly would not be what we are without wonderful vendors like you!Wishing you a creative and productive week my friend! XO Christie

  4. Beautiful pictures, Lisa! I think it's time you looked into wine making... that grape vine is bound to do doubletime in your lovely garden :o)
    Happy summer!
    x, Val

  5. Hey Lisa,
    My favorite part is the grapevine...that is so cool that they are from so long ago. We're slowly getting our garden to mature, soon we'll be planting more food. Your tomatoes are awesome!

  6. You have the most zen backyard.I love your backyard.