Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Have you ever photographed a candle?

This is a really yummy red candle shot without flash...

Then with flash...

Funny huh?
I adore candles and with the rainy weather we have been having,
they are being burnt for sure!

On another note...
I have 4 darling little cousins.
In some ways, they are more like nieces, but they are cousins and 
three of them insist that I make them their Christmas presents.
Aren't they cute???

This is an older pic, Nana the Matriarch of the family is center.
After years of my three sons dominating the scene.
Our family had 5 girls in a row...

They are all darling and wonderful girls.
Second from the left is Samantha, Sam as she is called.
Sam is NOT a girlie girl, so creating a piece of jewelry for this
little lass is even more special.

Sam likes Boy stuff, skulls, snakes, skateboards and the like.
So I sketched and hand painted a skull and crossbones for her on a 1x1.5 inch paper.
Adding her initial "S", the piece which was then applied to a bezel using diamond glaze.
As my New Year resolution is to incorporate original art in my pieces, this piece
validated for me that I am on the right track.

I hope she LOVES it!

I do.

Now Emily wants one.

Like I said...Oye Vey...GIRLZZZZ.

Merry Merry to you all!!!


  1. Shoot I want one!!! :)
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. I love that candle look. 5 girls in a row? Wow! That's cool though. I love that piece you made for Sam. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. I like

  3. Hi Lisa! Thanks for swinging by in this crazy time. Oh yes, I think I have a grand daughter that would LOVE that necklace. You truly have started something now with all the girls, way to go. Its darling. Love the candle shots. We've had to burn a few here due to all this rain. But finally, sunshine today!! Merry Christmas. Riki

  4. Marty Would LOVE that cross bones & Skull..
    I'm just saying.... :)


  5. Thanks for entering the contest Lisa! LOVE the idea you have about 365 days of words, can't wait to see and follow. Big hug my friend, its going to be another great year for you. Riki