Friday, December 17, 2010

Grandma's Treasures

Earlier this past year at the Point Loma Garden Walk Tour and show I met a lovely customer named Wendy.  She mentioned that when her Grandmother passed, her family inherited several pieces of costume jewelry.  I told her that I often took family pieces 
and re-worked them into more modern jewelry.

Three weeks ago at Chateau de Fleurs Wendy came out and brought me several pieces.
We sat and went over them.  I told her which pieces should not be disassembled as they were too valuable or perfect as they were.  
Then what was left that could be made into some really fun pieces.

Here is the result...

Bracelets and necklaces were combined to make the left and right pieces.
The center piece was a bit more tedious.  I disassembled two necklaces
and wire wrapped each section individually.
The dangles were my addition, the peace sign is a hand beaded piece I do.

The heart on the left was also from my treasure trove, but the piece on the right is my fave!
When Wendy showed me those pieces, she really didn't know anything about the black one.
It is a World War Two Airforce Sweetheart piece.  During the wars, lockets and brooches were made with the symbol of whatever branch of the military the soldier was in.  These pieces were given to Moms, wives and girlfriends, thus being called "Sweetheart" pieces.
I ADORE the symbolism of them.
The wings and propeller adorn the front.

When you flip it over, there is a locket on the back side with a Man's picture in it.
The funny part here is that Wendy doesn't know who the man is,
or even knew there was a locket on the back side.
She was going to research it further to see if it was Grandpa or another family member.
Her Grandma worked at the Salvation Army (I believe that is what she said, or
she just loved to shop there).
Grandma LOVED jewelry.
So, whether the man is Grandpa or some other old souls photo, it obviously
meant something to her Grandma.
I paired it with a beautiful etched gold heart locket, also her Grandmas.

Lastly, the large light blue piece is a Vintage Vendome Brooch that was converted to a necklace,
the blue faux turquoise rings were a pair of cuff links and a tie clip.  The Green rhinestone was a lone clip earring.  The red dangle earrings were screw backs that were simply converted to pierced and the bracelet is a rather old Victorian styled slide bracelet.  I was going to take it apart, but it is a very nice gold plated piece that only had a few missing stones, so the stones were replaced and I added a new safety chain. It should be worn as is.

It has been a week filled with completing custom orders for clients.
4 clients down, 3 to go.

Have a happy rainy weekend!


  1. these turned out gorgeous Lisa!

  2. They really turned out great. I have a lot of costume jewelry from my mom from the 50's. I'll have to have another look at it and see what I can do with it. Great work, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  3. What fun treasures, there will be some very happy recipients!

  4. You did a great job with her treasures Lisa!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!