Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thrilling Thursday!

I had the most wonderful day with my friends Rita & Christie!

They came out to my house and we went Treasure Hunting in Ontario/Pomona.
Antique and girlfriends and Thrift stores, oh My!!!!

Then back to my house for home made Quiche!

Here is a shot of my goods I scored today...
Two pairs of killer cowboy boots, a crazy cool oval frame with flowers that will be repainted...maybe a mirror inside, shabby YUMMY Birdcage...a pillow for my couch, a tapestry carpet bag coat that was only $22...(can you believe it?) a jar full of jewels, a silver footed bowl and lastly a vintage jewelry box.

Too see what I transform these treasures into, join me in a couple weeks at Christie's Sale.


Wonderful day with truly the best treasures of all...
My girlfriends.


  1. Can't wait to see them boots all decorated! Great treasures!!!!

  2. good finds, Lisa! I love Pomona for antiquing.