Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Breakfast

For Valentine's breakfast for my sweethearts, 
I made homemade waffles with Strawberries and whipped cream.
The strawberries were sweetened with my homemade mixed berry preserves, lemon juice and almond extract.
My honey and I being the non traditionalists, after breakfast parted ways to spend Valentines Day apart,
He with his son and myself with my daughter Emily.

Emily and I headed to Rainbow to meet up with Gal Pals, Rita from 
and Christie of
The four of us hit the coolest Antique haunts...OMG.
Then came home to Dean, Rita's husband (a phenomenal cook),
who had prepared lunch for us....Enchiladas and salad.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention the fabulouso Cappucino the Reade's make.

If you ever are invited to the Reade B&B...don't pass it up.

I arrived home early evening to my Beau with a glass of wine in hand.
We watched the movie Motherhood with Uma Thurman with the kiddos and climbed into bed.
I recommend this movie for any Mother...boy can we all relate to that character!!!

It was a lovely Valentine's Day spent with many people that I LOVE!!!

Hope yours was as Lovely!


  1. :) I was looking at those mountains all covered with snow thinking... "my, those mountains look a lot like our mountains..and then..moments later realized THEY ARE OUR MOUNTAINS! LOL I am in Riverside!
    Now, I'll go back and read your last post! :)

  2. I had such a great time with you, Peperoncino, Raffaele and Christie. I have all my treasures together on the work table. I am ready to roll. Ciao Rita