Thursday, February 18, 2010

The REAL studio Madness

Each of my Artist friends and I can agree that when you open wonderful Magazines such as Somerset, Where Women Create or the old Mary Englebreit Mags, the Artist's studios
are always so beautiful and pristine.

Pisha, I say!

As many of my friends and I have commiserated, most of us LIVE within our respective studios...
with our families.

So when creativity is full force or you have a show coming up, the mess migrates to every horizontal surface in the house.

Glitter in the kitchen...YES!
Sewing on the Dining room table...YES!

I have two studios, one is the Family room and my second is a tiny cottage in my back yard...
Just wait until you see the inside...

Yikes....think I need to clean up!

So, there you are ladies...the Real studios, before stylists show up and make everything look pristine.
For me, creativity is always cyclonic!

See you tomorrow after my stylist shows up...oh, wait.  
That's me.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Can't you pick up stuff before you shoot? I love the cute little house, I would fit perfect! you know I am only 4'11". I do love that book, Linda gave it to me for one of my b-days and I still look at it. Ciao Rita

  2. I love the little cottage...looks like two princesses live in there! Love that book too and yep I leave trails everywhere I go. Am hoping my new studio will take care of that :)

  3. I so know that little play house all to well. Many of fun times in there. laughing drinking wine, sharing artful dreams and O yes....shhhhh a clove... love that little play house.. :) x0

  4. yes, yes, yes, thank you for confessing I knew I wasn't the only one. I joke with my friends, we start with a big table and end up working in a 12 x 12 space because everything has migrated to the table. :}

    oh so cute cottage.

  5. You are too dang cute! I love your humble messiness, and applaud your ability to show it to blogland without the pressure of CLEANING UP! That cottage is so cute!