Thursday, January 30, 2014

Custom Cupcake Dolls

A few years ago, I made some of this cupcake doll for a customer.
She was on a really tight budget and I tried to come up with something
smaller than the size dolls I typically work in and less expensive.

Well, then I made the Christmas ones.

Taught a class on spring ones and created a few more custom orders.

This year I taught a Valentine class and am
now developing dolls for every season.
(more classes will be announced soon)

One of my favorite customers
(who is also a crack up)
Lives too far to take a class and decided to order 5 dolls.
Each one representing a facet of her personality.
She sent some do dads to use if I wanted, but gave
me full creative license otherwise.

Did I have FUN making these....

Left to right...
"Eat Dessert First"
"So Silly"
"Me? Lost?"
"Kitty Bo Peep"
"She's a Pistol"

Now to pack up these little darlings and ship them off to their new home!

Thank you Cindy for your order, hope you love them!!!



  1. How do I love them, let me count the ways!!! I just can't wait to get them! I hope this inspires others to order them as well! One of these days I want one of your paintings, that's next on the list! I Adore you Lisa!-xoxoxxo

    1. Awe, Cindy! Make me blush! I adore you too!!! XOXO

  2. Those turned out amazing!! What a fun thing to have!!