Saturday, February 4, 2012

BLOOMING Adventure...

After 15 years of painting murals professionally, my approach to painting has always been 
fairly technical and with a plan.

1) meet the client
2) discuss the area they want a mural and what they are looking for
3)  View the area and discuss placement, proportions, colors, subject matter,  etc.
4) hit the drawing table and draft a design to almost precise detail
(never want and have had only ONE client ever not like something after painted)
100% of my portfolio was by referral
5) paint for my client
6) add it to portfolio and only see it again in a photo or when I typically painted more murals for the same client.

To say the least, my work have been rather methodical in approach and execution.

A few of my faves over the years.
Everything from tile, concrete, leather...Loved doing Trompe l'oeil

The pen and envelope are painted on, the "real" pen is on the lower left.
It belonged to the client's grandmother.

The sheet music is decoupaged on, the remaining items are painted.

Italian landscape on a fireplace screen.

Leather jacket.

Leather Jackets for a Music Store.

This was my store sign when I had a small Shop in San Dimas about 11 years ago.

My Kids and I on our Carousel of Life.

Hundreds of murals over the years and now I only paint the random mural,
having concentrated the last few years on Altered Art and Jewlery.

Way too often, I stand before a canvas and stare, like I don't know WHAT to paint.
After years of having a PLAN, I am all too often stumped.

Having never taken a painting course, it is about time so I am THRILLED to spend the next 5 weeks taking Flora Bowley's Bloom True E Course

I LOVE her painting style, wonderful colors and approach to life (plus I love Yoga).
I am so excited to learn her intuitive approach and hope to find a way to blend it with my style.

Later this month I am taking a 3 day painting class with Jesse Reno here in Pasadena at Zinnia.

To say I am honored to learn from these two amazing painters is an understatement.

This is a gift to myself and to be true to this little journey I am taking, I will be a little quiet online as I want to really turn inward this month and BLOOM finding my "painting" voice.

I will let you all know how wonderful the journey is.



  1. Lisa~Congratulations on your new adventure. You are an amazing artist, so beautiful inside and out and that beauty is expressed in every piece you create whether with a brush, through your one of a kind trays or mixed media. I have never met someone as diverse as you. I am so excited to see you continue to grow and challenge yourself. Wishing you the very best~XO

  2. Sounds wonderful Pricipessa! Bloom!!!!Share your progress. Ciao Rita

  3. My dear and talented girl, I love you and God Bless your talents and continue to do what you love!!! You always bring a smile to my face! I am so proud of you and proud to call you one of my dearest friends! <3

  4. Lisa, I think the gardens this Spring are going to be gorgeous with new "blooms". :) I love your work and you too.
    xo, A

  5. What a beautiful gift you have! Is that a new banner? I totes love it too!!!!

  6. Lisa- Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful artwork. It's always inspiring. Love how you are exploring new ways to create. Can't wait to see what you do with Flora and Jesse's techniques!!


  7. Hi Lisa, my name is Carmen and we have a mutual friend named Pamela. You completed murals in her Alta Loma home which included the french quarter (bathroom), rooster (kitchen), venetian vase (bathroom), & grape vines (kitchen). She has been searching for you to complete a new mural and I would like one too! Pamela can be reached at 951-826-2610.