Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wandering Wednesday

For my 1st post I have decided to share with you a snippet of my day. Attempting to find reasonably priced treasures I have created Wandering which I scour the local thrift shops for little lovelies to work with. It is a safe spending day as it is an early day for my daughter and I have to be home by 1:30. Started locally and wound up about 25 miles away at Loma Linda Antiques who is sadly closing its doors. I scored the 80 year old aqua frame there for under $20. The FAB 70's clock ($3.50) will become an altered art base for one of my funky doll heads. The 1920's vintage religious print came in a totally falling apart frame which I repaired by the time this pic was taken...$1.99. Funky cowgirl boots and paper parasol for my daughter and aqua 60's necklace to disassemble. Old metal frame and OOps forgot the shoot the bombay shaped lucite handled Rose Fabric umbrella I scored too! Don't you just LOVE when it all falls into place and you can spend under $40? Already dreaming of the next Wandering Wednesday. Can you dig it?

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