Friday, July 2, 2010

It takes a Village...

Art is about community. 
It should be after all, that all though we are all unique, 
each of us is trying to ink out a living doing what we love.

I have been fortunate enough to meet some really gracious and giving people on this journey.

At the end of the last Urban Barn Sale, I didn't have enough room in my car to take everything home. My friend Rita offered to store my stuff at their house until the next show.
 As I needed my goodies to rework something before the next show, 
Rita and I decided to make it a play day!
I can't say enough about Rita, she is warm gracious and her and Dean are the best hosts in the world.  They are like family and Em and I feel like their home is a home away from home for us.

Rita bought this aqua crinoline at the Barn and decided to model it!

Emily and I hit the road at 8:30 and headed to Fullerton to meet Nancy at Giding the Lily to drop off two Bling Babies for the class I am instructing there on Saturday, August 7th.

Thank you Nancy for graciously meeting me early.
Gilding the Lily is an AMAZING source for vintage millinery, lace, trim, buttons, lots of jewelry components and lots of cool vintage finds.  Their class list is always impressive and I am honored to be teaching there. To sign up for the Bling Baby class, contact Dede...

Then it was off to Rainbow to The Reade Home.
Rita kindly drove the rest of the day.  First stop was The Urban Barn.
If you have not been to the Barn, GO!!!

Linda Carpenter is one of the most generous people I know.
Her vision for the Barn is coming along wonderfully!
Linda GAVE me some antique fencing I was needing for a mannequin project I am working on.
I offered her money and she refused.
 Enjoy these cool shots of the Barn...

Beautiful Dress form all gussied up!

Mary Smilove's vignettes...LOVE her use of color!


Cutest Geisha painting!!!!

Chandeliers are all over the place!

The back of the Urban Barn houses tons of architectural salvage and metal...

Darla's area.

Beautiful Vignettes are everywhere!

One of Sandra's cool setups!

More to come tomorrow about the rest of my adventure with Rita
and to meet some more women that I appreciate!!!


  1. Grazie Principessa! I love your photos and your kind words. Does your camera make me look 20 pounds bigger????lol

  2. You don't look bigger silly!
    You have a giant CRINOLINE on!!!


  3. It all looks amazingly beautiful, especially lovely Rita!!!! Christie

  4. I think its so cute that the two of you posted about each other! Have a great week-end!

    Take care, Sue

  5. You are right that's a big crinoline!!!

  6. Rita looks adorable :) I love her shirt! Miss you Lisa. I will be seeing you and Rita soon, I hope.

    : )

  7. Love the photos , especially the beautiful Rita in her tutu, you girls make me laugh! Hope to see you soon...hugs :)

  8. Love the photos!! Love the Urban Barn!!! Sounds like a fabulous day!!! Rita, the tutu is perfect...

  9. Your lucky girl to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people!!!!!

  10. wow! what an amazing place, must go this summer!

  11. Great pictures!!!!
    Hopefully I'll get to go someday...fingers and toes crossed!

    Thanks for sharing!