Monday, July 5, 2010

Dreaming while driving

Two weeks ago after I left The Urban Barn sale, 

I was dreaming about this mannequin...

I have had her a few years.  
She is a shorter form, cuts off right at the top of the hip.
Covered in tons of victorian through the 40's lace.  Insets, collars, cuffs.
Great lace!

Here is a small shot of her backside...
(lower right corner of the photo)

Now, while I like her, I was never crazy about her.
Especially the bow, 
what was I thinking with that bow and skirt?????

Think it was during my Moulin Rouge can-can dancer phase...

So at the Urban Barn sale, I tried to blow her out for $75.
Got that?  Seventy Five bucks!!!

Two ladies hemmed and hawed but hedged, so she came home with me.
Like virtually any project of mine, if I am not quite happy with it and it sits long enough or doesn't sell, to the wrecking pile it goes.

(envision mad scientist Cartoon throwing parts from behind her, dust, saw sounds)
think you get the picture.

So as I drove, her new vision came to me.

Taking old fencing...THANK YOU LINDA from The Urban Barn
for gifting me 6 feet of fencing.

I fashioned a bell shaped skirt for her.
Let's just say Bolt Cutters can be a girls best friend.

At the sale from one of the vendors, I scored a killer vintage floor lamp base...

Which is now her new stand.
Stripped her of the black and white and now just have to decide if she is getting a vintage corsette or more lace.

What d'ya think???

Plan to use her to clip my hair flowers to at shows.

A little makeover is all a girl needs sometimes to feel fresh and new!

Now I am loving her, she came out exactly as pictured in my tiny brain.



  1. oh Lisa ...I so love the old fence Idea ...that is genius girl !!!!

    Hugs and Blessings ..Sara

  2. To much fun!! She looks beautiful!!!!I'm glad you saved her....

  3. She is Bellissima! What is her name? You know me and names, I name everything! I decided not to name anymore chicks...Seriously she is amazing. Buona Notte Pricipessa

  4. I love her Lisa ~ The new fence skirt is outstanding, it was only a matter of time till she got a "B12" shot and pressto ~ in her new form ~ Looking forward to how your going to dress her ~ Much Love to you ~ Andrea

  5. I LOVE the new look! She will hold your flowers perfectly. Planning to go the Grand Par-tay..see you there!

  6. Thanks Ladies. Not sure what to name her...Belle. She looks like a bell. Close to your Bella Rita, they can be sisters.

    A bunch of posts aren't showing up on blogger. Weird.

    Yea Andrea. I need on of those B12 shots...LOL.

    See you Attic Gals next weekend!


  7. Brilliant!! I can't wait to see how she turns out!!

  8. Love your idea, i think you are going to have to make more to sell. I think you are going to have a hard time holding on to this one. Maybe we should call her "on the fence" since you were on the fence about selling her! ha ha, I'm so funny, just kidding. Love ya, she is amazing. I might have to confiscate her to my car!

  9. "on the fence"
    Awesome Tricia!!!
    It was a PITA to make, not sure I want to repeat it. That fencing is thick and took me hours to finish.

    But you never can tell...



  10. very very was fate you should keep it!