Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Franken Marie

Franken Marie is ready for the Monster Mash Ball!

This doll has some amazing little sculpted details. From the mouse and skull on her cakes, to the bats in her hair. 

Incredible attention to detail has been done in creating her. 

I love the playfulness of this piece and I LOVE Halloween! 

She is the only one available and is SOLD.

Thank you! 

Custom Marie's

Since making my first pink haired Marie a few years ago and this revamped one last December, I've taught two classes and made about 30 of them. (Actually, it's probably more, but I lost count)

These are my last two: 

A Gothic Victorian Marie.

I loved doing this black lacy Marie! Adding the red and gold accents were just too fun and her headpiece is my favorite element!  This is for a dear client of mine who collects my work and is getting married soon. I bet she looks a lot like this as her wedding is Gothic Victorian! Can't wait to see her wedding  pics! I believe this little girl will be on display at her nuptials. 

The second Marie is a gift from a mother to a daughter. A housewarming for her first apartment. Her daughter is a fan and follows my work. She knew exactly what she wanted. A pink and blue Marie with a tiny ship and a swan. 

The tiny ship is a vintage Cracker Jack charm that I delicately repainted. It's perfect!

The swan is sculpted of polymer clay and black details hand painted. 

I just adore these dolls and making them. It is such an honor they have r resonated with my customers and fans! 

Just finished a few seasonal pieces that will be available as custom orders or in class format at my studio. 

I will also be making just tiny cakes that will be for sale, so stay tuned on that! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Paints and Pinterest

Storing paint in ones studio is often a challenge. Especially tube paint. It doesn't stand upright. Gets shifted and buried in bins, etc. then you have to dig for colors. Ugh. Waste of time. 

After seeing this on Pinterest...
I knew I had to recreate it in my own studio. So, to the sideyard I went. A few years ago, I trash picked this fence piece. It was in my garden for awhile with an assemblage junk angel I made on it. 

But in my classic fashion, I tired of the angel and disassembled it...saving the fence piece for a future project. 

Voila! The future had arrived!  After blowing every tiny spider and web from every nook and cranny. My honey attached it to the wall. 

I even used the flowers sign from the garden angel and made the "just paint" sign. The little plastic paint palette
was one of my first ones from 20 plus years ago. I liked the dried colors and just used it as decor. Plus the paint use to adhere to those older plastic palettes different than the newer ones. 

I'm super duper happy with this! Here is how it looks in my studio overall. 

Now...I'm off to finish that sweet coyote painting for a client. Thanks for stopping by and go make one of these for your space! 

Xo, Lisa

Friday, July 22, 2016

Making videos

I'm finally joining the world of online teaching! Yay! After many years of procrastinating, or maybe Just the fear of the ensuing learning curve I would have to embrace. I am in the midst of recording my first video.  While doing this the past few days, I've learned more than a few things and laughed along the way. Thought I'd share some levity with you!

Recording oneself for an online class might just be one of the funniest things I've done (sad, huh?) but then again, being able to laugh at oneself is a good thing, right? After calling the stepson to ask the stupidest question and have him point out what should be the obvious. Duh!,, The following are some thoughts, musings, etc:

#1 Use good lighting 

#2 not such good lighting that I look more washed out than my pasty white skin already makes me. 

Which brings me to...

#3 Oh my gosh woman, go put more makeup on. Don't you remember your high school thespian days and what stage lights do to you?

#4 NO horizontal stripes, "I think these stripes make me look even fatter, crap now I have to go change)  

#5 Make a script and try to memorize said script (unless you are good at shooting form the hip improvisation) I clearly am not as spontaneously clever as I thought. Hmpf

#6 wow, I look old! Oh well. Move on, no camera around is going to turn back that clock.

#7 record, watch, laugh, delete, record, Curse, watch, laugh, delete some more

#8. My dogs wonder what is going on, though they should be use to me talking to myself 😉

#9. Camera angles. Thank goodness for a joby, it can cling to anything. Even the dogs squirt bottle, propped up on a stool on top of the workbench. 

Wow, I'm so professional.

#10. I now clearly understand why there are lots of blooper reels. I could make my own.

Anyway, needed a little break from the insanity to share my insanity with you!

Back to recording! See you soon, in a online class perhaps.

Xo, Lisa

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A new Marie Antoinette class

Last year, I thought I'd totally phase out dolls from my work. To concentrate solely on painting. But a dear customer of mine pleaded for me to make a new Marie Antoinette class since she missed the last one. At first I struggled with it honestly. But thought, "come on, Lisa" have fun with this. 

So away I ran with it. Spinning on the "let them eat cake" theme. Which by the way, Marie Antoinette never said. I thought, "let's eat cake" because....heck. Who doesn't Love cake?!?! 

So here she is, big hair and all! I plan on doing this design all year. (Think Marie la Mer or Halloween Ball Marie) 

My first class on Feb 6th sold out. I have a few spots left for my March 12th class here. 

The Marie's can be done with different color hair too! 

The cakes are super fun to make too! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last commission of 2015

Very gratefully, 2015 has been the year I had a lot of online sales and many commissions and custom orders. My last order for the year is a plaster and wax piece for the lady I got my sweet dog Charlie from. She and I have become friends and this is for her daughter for Christmas. The saying is from a country song which she always sang to her daughter when she was little.

One last order to be shipped this month is my little bee girl pendants. They make me smile and are gifts for adult twin sisters from a loving aunt.

Next on my agenda is to concentrate on my goals and plans for 2016. Love my Brand new Heidi Swapp planner. 

I also have printed every single free resource worksheet from the Do What You Love for Life people. I highly recommend their site for quality content on business. Their worsheets are definitely helping me and are part of my 2016 business plan. 

Hope you have a great holiday! Time for me to get back to it! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Never Broken

Always one of my favorite female singer songwriters. Jewels Autobiography, "Never Broken" is not disappointing. This morning I read a paragraph that resonates with where I am at right now in breaking away from social media for awhile. Here is the excerpt...

"Eventually I made it back to Alaska for the rest of the summer, and I got a small cabin at my aunt Mossy's. I wrote feverishly, spending two weeks in silence. I cannot overstate the importance of silence to young artists, or anyone seeking a creative voice. It takes great influences to find your way to unique self expression. You must stand on the shoulders of artists who have gone before you. Read great works. See great arts. Listen to great voices. This sets a bar for your spirit and psyche to work toward. Then you must dive inward into silence. Stand on the rippling edges of the expansive universe within your own being and create from there. Don't compare yourself with what's popular. Doing so is like one child comparing himself to another. Greatness is never achieved by trying to imitate the greatness of another. Greatness is chipping away at all that does not belong to you and then expressing yourself so truly that others cannot help but recognize it. It is in silence that we discover ourselves. The silence and the unknown can be frightening, but with time it stops feeling like there is nothing there. The darkness and silence will begin to feel like a void in a positive sense-the womb of creation. It is the magical nothing that something is birthed from. Feed yourself a diet of great work, no then go away by yourself and listen alone to your soul speak to you. Silence will be your greatest teacher." 

Such great words of advice. Especially with an online community that is so easily "inspired" by other people's work. So much so that the lines of originality are often blurred. 

I have an even greater appreciation of Jewel Kilcher. What an adventure ridden and often sad trying life. Great book so far and I'm only half done.