Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas & New Year Blessings

As 2011 closes and 2012 enters, I reflect on the multitude of events that have happened
my family's lives this past year.

It was a tough year.  We rode the wave of Chemical Dependency with one of my children.
It was NOT easy or pleasant, but has taught us a lot.
I watched a good friend bury the last of his brothers, WAY too young, I might add.
Watched a cousin bury her father and have her sister diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time.
And most recently a very good friend who was like a Mother to my late husband
recently passed from Pulmonary Fibrosis at 61.
There have been other relationship bumps in the road as well.
Struggles with Ex spouses.
School study issues.


Plus all the normal house nonsense that comes when you least expect it or need it...
clogged pipes, downed trees, etc.

On a professional level, I sold at 11 shows this year.
Shows are A LOT of work and you know what?

I am tired.

So, my family, my Man and I have sat and talked, made some decisions and are
ready to make some big changes to our lives, so that less of it is spent
working, worrying, traveling to shows, spending time away from each other.

It is time to restructure business.
Spend more time with those I LOVE.
Start pursuing the dreams I have let fall behind
 in the pursuit of trying to just make a living.

Because in the end.
Love is all you need and all you are left with.
It is not about the "Stuff" it is about the "Who's".

You get what you give in this life.

Through it all, my Man has been right there beside me,
steadfast and true, holding me through the tears, 
standing up to or for whatever battle needed to be addressed
 and I Love him even more for it.

I Hope each of you had a Lovely Christmas and have a Safe and Happy New Year
from me, my daughter Emily and the rest of our Family.